Angolan Navy’s HSI 32 interceptor boat breaks cover

The presence of a French-made HSI 32 high-speed patrol craft acquired from CMN (part of Privinvest Shipbuilding Group) in Angolan service has come to the fore.

Angolan Navy procured the high-speed patrol boat under a September 2016 €495 million deal with UAE-based shipbuilder Privinvest.

Angolan Navy HSI 32 as seen recently (Angolan MOD)

In the deal, Privinvest will establish a shipyard in Angola as well as supply several naval vessels including three HSI 32 patrol craft, a Vigilante-400 long range offshore patrol vessel and a Vigilante-400 short range patrol vessel from France. The HSI 32 boats were delivered in 2019.


According to CMN website, the HSI 32 patrol craft “is designed to conduct sea strike operations, search and rescue (SAR), maritime security, sea safety, convoy protection, sea policing, anti piracy, protection of vulnerable vessels and offshore installations, and control of illegal immigration, trafficking and smuggling.”

“The vessel is also used to defend against speedboats, asymmetric threats, and boarding of terrorists. It has the ability to conduct combined operations with aircraft and coastal surveillance systems.”

With a length of 32.2 metres and a width of 6.4 metres, it is crewed by 12 sailors. The HSI 32/can be fitted withba variety of sensors including a surveillance radar, electro-optical sensors and a satellite link for data transfer. The type is made from aluminium for light weight and agility.

Weapons options includes a remotely operated 20 mm cannon and two 12.7 mm machineguns.

Length is 32.20 metres, beam is 7 metres. The vessel’s maximum speed : 48 Knots, maximum range is 1200 NM.

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