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Our Story

Some years ago, our founders observed that few media platforms were showcasing Africa’s ingenuity in the Defence sector. For those years, the world acted like Africa had no existing capability to produce its defence technologies.

Contrarily, as far back as the 60s, some African countries were already designing and manufacturing cutting-edge and proven defence technologies. Countries like Egypt, Sudan, Libya, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia had traces of indigenous technology production. Thus, Military Africa is here to change the narrative, and shine a spotlight on the jaw-dropping defence technologies Africa is producing.

Our Mission

The progress and economic development of a particular geographical area can only be achieved if there is peace and stability.

This peace and stability cannot exist in a state of unrest or security crisis.

But, unrests are usually fueled by a weak state, foreign interference, or hostile local non-state actors.

These three factors can be eliminated if the host country’s military and security forces are properly equipped. A formidable military force enjoys a hard power that acts as a deterrent to an ambitious belligerent.

Thus, by enlightening African nations on the right and proper military equipment to acquire, in addition to our regular updates on procurements and threat intelligence, we are empowering Africans with the right tools to better protect themselves, enforce peace and foster growth, economic stability, and overall development as part of The 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world.

What we do

Military Africa, is an online defence industry resource providing industry professionals with access to an essential dataset, publications, and analysis on military/defence technologies
and procurement trends in Africa.

Over the years, Military Africa has transitioned from a traditional publisher to a reliable go-to source providing comprehensive end-to-end data support to the Defence industry as well as a beacon to Africa’s military leadership and decision-makers.

Today our customers enjoy trusted and reliable information and dataset to navigate the quickly changing and dynamic defence and military sector to guide their thought processes.

What We Offer

We offer a range of services to cater to the needs of the defense industry players. This includes media support, product and business intelligence, procurement arbitration, lead generation and follow-up, sales and supply of military equipment, and consultancy.

We Understand Requirements

Military Africa provides timely, evidence-based information and intelligence to enable our customers to augment and enrich their analysis. Our company continues to provide open-source intelligence in the defence, security, aerospace, and other technological sectors.

We serve the Defence Industry

Our comprehensive data solutions help organizations to identify opportunities, conduct competitor analysis, analyze a potential market, and examine the supply chain to give them the edge and success across their industry.

How we serve National security

With our interconnected, and accurate open-source intelligence State official can achieve verified and validated threat assessments to deliver informed, trusted, and accurate actionable pictures.

Proof of our work


But don’t just take our word for it, check out want some of our customers had to say.

“We value Military Africa for being a military block with expertise and quality editorial policy. In fact, their news are one of the fastest ways for us to reach out to the African auditorium and potential customers. Their media team are doing an incredible job of bringing news first. We totally love to work with them.” — Maria Vorobeva, Communications Director , Kalashnikov group.
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