Advertising Policies

Military Africa is committed to unbiased, independent journalism. Accepting funds for advertising or sponsored content allows Us to expand our coverage of global news and events. The following guidelines explain how We protect our journalistic integrity and the trust of Our readers and customers while working with advertisers and sponsors.

The following guidelines apply to all advertisements published on any Military Africa platform, including advertisements created by Our advertisers or in collaboration with Our solutions. An advertisement is content controlled and paid for by a third party.

No relationship with an advertiser or advertising deal will compromise Our strict compliance which require independence, integrity and freedom from bias.

Military Africa’s editorial staff will not create, edit, influence or otherwise contribute to the production of advertising.

Advertisements will be clearly distinguishable from content created by Military Africa’s editorial staff. If necessary to make the distinction, an advertisement will be prominently marked as “Advertisement.”

Advertisers are responsible for the content of their advertisements. Their advertising must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines and must not be false or misleading.

Advertisements do not reflect the views of Military Africa or its editorial staff. Even so, We reserves the right to reject or remove any advertisement if in our opinion the advertisement is inaccurate, misleading or could harm Military Africa’s reputation.

The following guidelines apply to content independently created by Military Africa’s news department, but funded in whole or in part by a paying sponsor:

Accepting funding from sponsors to create editorially-independent content may allow Military Africa to enrich our news file, expand our offerings for readers and customers, or explore previously examined news subjects in a new way or with a more in-depth analysis.

Military Africa may accept funding from paying sponsors if we would produce the content even without the funding because it is newsworthy.

Military Africa will agree to accept funding for content if the editorial leadership of Military Africa News, including the Editor-in-Chief, agrees that the sponsorship deal is consistent with Our editorial standards.

Sponsored content must be editorially independent content that is just as valuable, unbiased and reliable as all other news content. This means:

i. At the beginning of a sponsorship deal, Military Africa and the sponsor may agree on broad subject areas for coverage. The sponsor may suggest more specific topics for Us to cover, but Military Africa is not obligated to accept the sponsor’s ideas and will do so only if, in Oureditorial discretion, the topics are newsworthy and of legitimate interest to our customers.

ii. Military Africa’s journalists, or journalists acting at the direction of Our editorial staff, will collect facts and information, produce, and edit the content, without input or influence by the sponsor, to the same standards that apply to other Military Africa’s news content. Military Africa will not show copy to sponsors prior to publication.

Sponsored content will be prominently identified as “This [article/page/series/section] was [funded/funded in part] by [Brand X]. It was independently created by Military Africa’s editorial staff. [Brand X] had no editorial involvement in its creation or production.”