Senegal Navy to host Africa Maritime Security Forum 2020

african maritime security forum

african maritime security forum

As a result of increased maritime security challenges across Africa, global naval players have assembled to collaboratively counter illicit maritime activity within the region. To effectively utilize and enforce additional resources, it is essential for Africa’s navies to enhance interoperability, joint tactics and exercises to successfully improve maritime security and stability.

Hosted during the Senegal Navy’s 45th birthday celebrations, Africa Maritime Security Forum will reveal Senegal’s impressive naval base and fleet capabilities to the international community as well as their commitment to international navy cooperation

This event will feature one of the largest gatherings of international navies and maritime stakeholders to commemorate our important milestone on the 20-22 January 2020 at the Base Navale Amiral Faye Gassama, Dakar, Senegal.

To support this, the inaugural Africa Maritime Security Forum hosted by the Senegal Navy in Dakar 20- 22 January 2020 will feature amplified networking exercises and interactive platforms for maritime leaders to formulate collaborative approaches to integrate capabilities for enhanced maritime security.

In addition to the notable anniversary celebrations, Africa Maritime Security will also feature a two day conference and exhibition at our naval base in which the gathered maritime stakeholders will deliberate on the maritime threats facing our globe.

In-depth discussions, dockyard and naval base tour, VIP exhibition tour and international vessel displays will further highlight this celebration as a premier strategic gathering of Navies, Coast Guards, Port and Coastal Authorities, Marine Police and related Ministries.

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