Egypt Denies Plans to Supply Thousands of Rockets to Russia Amid Ukraine War

Recent reports have circulated in the media claiming that Egypt is planning to supply thousands of rockets to Russia amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. However, the Egyptian government has swiftly denied these allegations, stating that they are baseless and misleading. Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement clarifying the country’s position and reiterating its commitment to peace and stability in the region.

leaked US intelligence document obtained by the Washington Post said Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi instructed officials to keep production and shipment secret “to avoid problems with the West.”

The February-dated “top secret document” purported conversations between Sisi and senior Egyptian military officials referencing plans to supply Russia with artillery and gunpowder, and to keep the plans a secret, the Washington Post said.

The allegations first surfaced in various news outlets, citing unnamed sources that claimed Egypt was planning to provide Russia with thousands of rockets as part of its support for the Russian military’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict. These reports raised concerns and garnered attention due to the potential implications of such a move in the already tense situation in Ukraine.

However, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs swiftly denied these reports, stating that they are entirely false and misleading. The ministry emphasized that Egypt is committed to the principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and to the peaceful resolution of conflicts through diplomatic means. Egypt has a long history of supporting peaceful resolutions to international disputes and has been an active participant in regional and international efforts to promote stability and security.

The Egyptian official, unnamed by state-affiliated media, called the Washington Post report “informational absurdity” and said that Egypt follows a “balanced policy” with all international parties, Al Qahera News, a state-affiliated media outlet said. The statement was carried by several Egyptian state-affiliated news outlets.

Egypt is one of the world’s top recipients of US military aid, receiving $1.3 billion in military financing annually.

Furthermore, Egypt has maintained a close relationship with both Russia and Ukraine and has expressed its concern about the conflict in Ukraine. Egypt has called for a peaceful and negotiated solution to the crisis and has supported diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving the conflict through dialogue and negotiation. Egypt has also consistently advocated for the respect of international law and the United Nations Charter, which emphasize the peaceful settlement of disputes and the avoidance of armed conflicts.

A part of the document dated February 17 alleges that el-Sisi and senior Egyptian officials were to provide Russia with artillery rounds and gunpowder.

The White House also said it has no indication Egypt is providing Russia with deadly arms.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the US National Security Council, told reporters aboard Air Force One “we’ve seen no indication that Egypt is providing lethal weaponry capabilities to Russia.”

Kirby said Egypt remained “a significant security partner” and would remain so.

“The United States military has a longstanding defense relationship with Egypt that goes back many, many years,” he said.

Russia’s Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov called the information “another hoax.”

Egypt’s denial of the alleged plans to supply rockets to Russia is consistent with its longstanding commitment to peace and stability in the region. The country has a history of diplomacy and peaceful engagement in international affairs, and its denial of the reports should be seen as a reaffirmation of its stance on non-interference and peaceful conflict resolution.

It is essential to be cautious with unverified reports, especially in times of conflict, as they can exacerbate tensions and contribute to misinformation. In the case of Egypt’s alleged plans to supply rockets to Russia, the country has categorically denied the reports, and there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

Regarding the war in Europe, this is not the first time that unverified information is finding it’s way into mainstream media. Likewise in January this year, it was reported that Morocco has sent tanks to Ukraine to enhance its counter-offensive against Russian forces.

Twenty modernized T-72B main battle tanks have been supplied to Ukraine, making Rabat the first African nation to send support to the war-torn country. The report hinted that Rabat is jettisoning it’s neutral stance in the Russian-Ukraine conflict, to supply arms to Kiev, making Rabat the first African nation to send support to the war-torn country.

However, the report was also denied by the Moroccan government stating that the Czech defence company Excalibur Army handed over the tanks to Ukraine without Rabat’s permission and in violation of the contract signed in 2019.

The Biden administration has been increasingly troubled by Egypt’s suppression of civil society as the country wades through an ever-intensifying economic crisis.

In September, the US said it would withhold a portion of its more than $1.3 billion annual security payment to Egypt, citing Cairo’s poor human rights record.

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