Algerian Military El Djazair 54 and 55 UCAV targets militants

Algeria’s new El Djazair 54 and El Djazair 55 UCAV has conducted several airstrikes against militants in the country, the Ministry of National Defence (MDN) said in a statement on 30 April.

The Algerian Ministry of National Defence (MDN) said the target was first identified by an El Djazair 54 UAV during a routine surveillance mission on 28 and 29 April, after which it was successfully engaged “with great precision” by two El Djazair 55 – another locally made UCAV.

Following the airstrikes, local media showed video footage of the UCAVs attacking another target in a valley in a mountainous area using unguided mortar bombs adapted to be carried on under-wing bomb racks.

This was the first time the MDN has announced a UAV strike, although it is not clear yet if this was the first time the El Djazairs has carried out an airstrike. The El Djazairs (54 and 55) are both local versions of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) designed Adcom Systems Yahbon Flash 20 and United 40 UAV which Algeria pressed into service on 30 December 2018.

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