APS supplies FIELDctrl 3D MIMO C-UAS solution to Ivorian Special Forces

Ivorian Army Special Forces have been equipped with FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radars from Advanced Protection Systems (APS).

In April, Polish surveillance company Advanced Protection Systems partnered with the Ivory Coast Special Forces to supply the force with its FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radars.

Advanced Protection Systems’ portable dismounted soldier version serves as an anti-drone solution. It is designed to simultaneously detect, track and classify Low-Slow-Small (LSS) devices and also any bigger threats as well as ground targets.

FIELDctrl 3D MIMO anti drone solution can detect, track and classify low-slow-small (LSS) drones. The multiple input multiple output (MIMO) radar family includes the following models: FIELDctrl Access is the smallest and provides an affordable VSHORAD 3D radar; FIELDctrl Advance is bigger and features MIMO, MHT and micro-doppler capabilty, 90deg azimuth, 60 deg elevation and 4Hz refresh rate;

FIELDctrl and SKYctrl systems are plug and play technologies, fully integrable with already existing battlefield systems, reports Advanced Protection Systems.

The FIELDctrl Range is designed to detect nano UAV from 6 km up to helicopters at 15km, designed for ECM/C-UAS, perimeter security, and high-precision VSHORAD detection, tracking and classification; FIELDctrl Follow is a tracking radar with narrow beamwidth, ultra-fast refresh rate, and angular accuracy, 20 Hz refresh rate, 1 mile range accuracy, and hardkill mitigation integration.

FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radars are primarily designed for military, security and critical infrastructure industries.

According to APS COO Radoslaw Piesiewicz, the new equipment addresses customer requirements including “precision of detection and classification, quality of clutter removal, accuracy of tracking, and super-high refresh rate.”

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