African navy orders landing ships from Turkey’s Anadolu Shipyard

Turkish Anadolu Shipyard LST

Turkish Anadolu Shipyard LST

Turkey’s Anadolu Shipyard will supply two new landing ships to an African country in a new deal signed earlier this week.

A Tuesday statement by the Turkish shipbuilder notes that the ships will be delivered within 2 years, shipyard.

The ships developed and designed by Anadolu Shipyard are in demand by many countries says the Turkish company through its social media page.

“This time the shipyard has signed 2 more Landing Craft contracts with an African country. The ships will be delivered within 2 years,” the statement read.

Although, Turkey’s Anadolu Shipyard did not specify the African country not the type of vessel ordered.

This new order highlights the growing reliance on high-capacity logistics vessels by African navies over the past half a decade.

One of such is an ongoing order for two 70 meters landing ship tank being built by French shipyard CMN Group  (Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie) for an unspecified African country suspected to be Angola.

Similarly, the Nigerian Navy recently took delivery of a 100 meter-long LST-100 Landing Ship Tank (NNS Kada) from UAE ship builder Damen Shipyards to replace the decommissioned landing ships NNS Ambe and NNS Ofiom which were Type 502 amphibious vessels built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) in Germany in 1978.

The Nigerian navy then went forward to order a second of the type immediately after the successful delivery of the NNS Kada.

The Turkish shipbuilder recently delivered landing ships to Qatar’s navy in a ceremony held at the beginning of July, Anadolu Shipyard.

Four landing ships in total, including one Fast Amphibious Ship, two Mechanized Landing Ships and one Vehicle and Personnel Landing Ship were delivered.

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