Cameroonian Armed Forces has acquired the Tygra 4X4 – Light Armoured Personnel Carrier

The Cameroonian Armed Forces has just taken delivery of a number of Tygra 4X4 Light Armored Personnel Carrier. According to photographs published online, the Tygra 4X4 LAPCs were seen being disembarked from containers at the country’s main port in Douala.

The Tygra 4X4 LAPC’s were still painted in factory green livery, surrounded by Cameroonian service personnel. This new addition is similar to the recently acquired French-made ACMAT Armored Personnel Carrier now used by the Cameroonian Military’s elite Rapid Response Battalion (B.I.R)

Cameroonian Armed Forces tygra APC
Cameroonian Armed Forces Tygra APC

Cameroonian Armed Forces Tygra APC

The Tygra 4X4 Light Armored Personnel Carrier

The Tygra 4X4 is a Light Armored Personnel Carrier based on Toyota 79 Series chassis, it is designed by Mezcal Security Vehicles company located in Dubai. The Tygra 4X4 LAPC is designed for use in urban and cross country patrol, border security and personnel movement situations (APC) for driver and commander plus up to 6 crew with ample room for mission equipment.

The vehicle has a remote-controlled roof-mounted search lights and search camera, halogen Headlamps and rear door-Mounted Spare Wheel. As seen on the photographs, the Tygra 4X4 LAPC has a front and rear heavy-duty bumpers, tow-bars and a 360 degrees traversing turret.

The Tygra 4X4 LAPC comes in various body configurations and provides protection against assault rifles to levels CEN1063/1522/BR6/FB6 against the explosion of 2 x DM51 hand-grenades under the floor. It’s high-quality armor steel and glass can withstand 7.62 x 51 mm M80 Nato Ball ammunitions and 5.56 x 45 mm SS109 ammunition on all sides.


– Base Vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series, 4WD
– Model year: 2016
– Engine Model: 4.0L Petrol (Diesel option available)
– Output: 96 kW/228 HP@5,200rpm, 37 mKg@3,800rpm
– Cubic Capacity: 4,164 cc
– Transmission: 5-Speed manual
– Seats: 2 + 6
– Color: As per Customer’s choice
– Body Type: 3-door Light Armoured Personnel Carrier


– Protection Level CEN 1063 and 1522BR6/FB6/BR7
– Double floor protection for improved blast resistance
– Heavy-duty hinges for all the opening elements (doors, hatches).
– Hinges with inbuilt door-stop.
– Fuel tank(s) protected with steel armour plates.
– Full engine compartment protection, including bonnet.
– All welded joints produced using a special welding technique limiting the heat-transfer to the armor steel around the weld and covered with non-heat affected overlaps.

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