US and Kenyan SpecOps train together under JCET

US Special Operations Command – African Command have partnered with members of the Kenyan Defence Force for a Joint Combined Exchange Training in Isiolo, Kenya.

The military engagement, which concluded on 11 July, “enables an opportunity for the partner forces to strengthen defense capabilities and align priorities towards greater security for East Africa,” Africa Command said.

“The JCET programme’s primary purpose is to provide partner nation special operations units specific training to promote security and stability in Africa. JCETs enhance US relationships with partner nations by developing and maintaining critical military-to-military connections and improving joint and allied readiness and interoperability.”

This training is part of a series of US engagements with the Kenyan military that provide opportunities for units to work together, learn from each other, build interoperability, and strengthen relationships. In 2021, the US partnered with Kenya on exchanges to improve military skillsets during an event in Somalia dedicated to promoting safety and stability in the Horn of Africa.

“The US and Kenya remain united in their partnership to guard against threats from violent extremists undermining the stability of the region,” Africa Command concluded.

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