UK to send 70 Husky TSV 4×4 vehicles to Ghana

UK husky armoured vehicles to ghana

The Husky is a variant of the MXT-MVA modified to satisfy the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence requirements for the Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV) program for the British Army. Husky is a protected support vehicle, providing a highly mobile and flexible load-carrying vehicle.

Ghanaian military will be receiving new armoured vehicles comprising of 70 Husky 4×4 tactical support vehicles (TSV) from the United Kingdom to help improve security in it’s northern borders.

UK will also provide related training regarding the operation and regular maintenance of the vehicles.

UK Minister for Africa Vicky Ford made this announcement during her second visit to Ghana this year, aimed at further strengthening the bilateral partnership between the two nations.

“I am proud to use my visit to announce a successful deal between our nations that will see 70 armoured Husky vehicles deployed to Northern Ghana to ensure the safety of vulnerable communities.”

Bilateral trade between the UK and Ghana totals nearly $1bn, and the British Government hopes to increase the figure by the end of 2024.

The UK-Ghana security and defence partnership involves supplying 70 Husky vehicles arriving in the African country, says a statement issued by the UK High Commission in Accra.

The Husky vehicles will help in protecting the local communities near the northern border from extremists.

The Husky is a variant of the International MXT-MV (Military Extreme Truck – Military Version) infantry mobility vehicle produced by Navistar Defense, a subsidiary of Navistar International.

UK servicemen will also provide training to the Ghanaian troops which will include offering vehicle operation and maintenance training to a group of Ghanaian instructors.

The vehicle can be used for patrolling missions. It has three variants including a utility vehicle, ambulance, and command post vehicle.

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