Nigerian Government set to track phones with Thuraya tech

The Nigerian government has earmarked N1.93 billion ($4,866,180.00) for ‘WhatsApp Intercept Solution’ and N2.93 billion was for ‘Thuraya Interception Solution,’ a communications system used for monitoring voice calls, call-related information, short message service (SMS), and data traffic, among others.

Thuraya’s interception system can intercepts voice calls, SMS, data traffic, call related information and can detect the location of satellite phones. The interception is done by obtaining and decoding the traffic between users’ devices and the respective satellites.

According to information obtained by Military Africa, the system can intercept instant information, including voice and HD video data, from multiple assets worldwide.

Thuraya Interception System make use of advanced tracking and M2M data applications through third-party suppliers that use its global L-band satellite network to provide remote monitoring capabilities beyond the reach of terrestrial coverage.

Recently, the Nigerian government have been under severe criticism by local and international media for allegedly trying to suppress it’s local media.

On 5 June 2021, the Nigerian government officially placed a ban on Twitter indefinitely, restricting the social media platform from operating in Nigeria.

However, many Nigerians have been continuing to use Twitter through Virtual Private Networks despite government threats to arrest and prosecute anyone violating the ban it imposed on Twitter.

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