Egypt launches fourth Gowind class corvette (ENS luxur)

Egyptian has launched its fourth Gowind class corvette on 14 May, it was constructed at the Alexandria Shipyard.

ENS Luxor (986) was built by the Alexandria Shipyard Company in cooperation with France’s Naval Group.

The launching ceremony of the third warship built in Egypt celebrates the rise in competences of the Alexandria shipyard teams who are now able to build both civilian boats and military vessels. This is a new proof of our industrial cooperation,” Naval Group said.

The launch ceremony was attended by several dignitaries including Egypt’s defence minister Mohamed Zaki, and the French Ambassador in Cairo, Stefan Romaté.

The French Ambassador in Cairo, Mr. Stefan Romaté expressed his happiness with the professional level he touched in the men of Alexandria arsenal and seek to know the latest technology and expertise to enable them to implement the new warship in record time in accordance with the agreed time programme Ali Manufacturing.

Mr Stefan also explains that it is as a result of the distinguished relations between Egypt’s political leadership and France, that has experienced fruitful cooperation in many areas in recent times.

Ahmed Khaled, commander of the Egyptian Navy, stressed the support of the political leadership and general command of the armed forces to implement a comprehensive strategy to develop and modernize the Egyptian Navy fleet to enhance security and stability in the areas of operation and economic waters, and Support the ability to meet the challenges and risks in the region, as well as the management of modern marine units with high combat capabilities as well as the preparation and rehabilitation of young staff who are trained and qualified at the highest level, and thanks to Alexandria Arsenal company and all its employees For their efforts and hard work to raise the country and contribute to its uplifting and progress.

Egypt signed a contract for four Gowind vessels from France’s Naval Group (formerly DCNS) for one billion euros, in 2014, with three to be built in Egypt. The first vessel, ENS El Fateh, was built in France and delivered to Egypt in October 2017.

Egyptian Navy Gowind class corvette fleet

Egypt’s second Gowind corvette, ENS Port Said, was launched during a ceremony in Alexandria on 6 September 2018 while the third vessel, Al-Moez, was launched on 12 May 2019. Port Said and Al-Moez was built locally by Egypt.

Egypt’s vessels are equipped with 16 VL-MICA surface-to-air missiles and eight Exocet MM40 surface-to-surface missiles as well as one 76 mm and two 20 mm guns. The vessels can each carry one medium helicopter and will be fitted with torpedo launchers. Sensors include a Kingklip sonar and Captas 2 towed sonar.

The Egyptian Gowind 2500 has a total length of 102 metres, a width of 16 metres, displacement of 2 600 tonnes and a maximum speed of 25 knots. Range at 15 knots is 3 700 nautical miles. Including a helicopter detachment, crew is 65 persons.

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