Ghanaian Army now operating Otokar Cobra armored vehicles

The Ghanaian Army has acquired the Turkish-built Cobra and Cobra II armored vehicles, according to videos released by local television on 9 November.

On the video which was taken during the just concluded Ghanaian Army counter-terrorism Exercise ‘Eagle Eye‘, two Cobra II and two Cobra armored vehicles were revealed.

During Exercise Eagle Eye, the four Cobras were operated by the 64 th Infantry Regiment, providing close fire support as troops storm the head office of Ecobank Ghana.

Both Cobra IIs were armed with .50 FN M2 heavy machine guns, while the Cobras were fitted with 7.62 mm FN MAGs in a protected turret.

Uniquely, a Cobra was fitted with a mast-mounted electro-optical sensor fitted on the rear of its hull.

The Cobra II is a tactical wheeled armoured vehicle produced by Otokar, a company based in Turkey. The vehicle is based on the Cobra armoured vehicle, which was jointly developed by Otokar and AM General.

Otokar Cobra II

It was unveiled for the first time in May 2013. The vehicle offers outstanding mobility and firepower in a wide range of missions. It has the capacity to transport up to nine troops, including a driver and a commander, and mission equipment.

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