South African company Bruisertech Pty (Ltd) unveils Bruiser 112 APC

Bruisertech Pty (Ltd), a South African defense company has unveiled its Bruiser 112 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) at the recent Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition outside Pretoria.

Since its launch, Bruisertech Pty (Ltd) has produced about ten units of the vehicle which are available in stock for customers to order.

According to the manufacturer, the Bruiser 112 is , providing superior protection at a reasonable price while also being highly customisable, adapting the vehicle to cater to a variety of customer requirements.

The Bruiser 112 APC is flexible enough to be serviced and maintained in any environment with low running costs compared to the industry. Furthermore, due to its ease of transportation, the vehicle can fit into a standard shipping container making the process efficient and robust.

The specific logistic design intent was to make Bruiser 112 easy to transport. With minimal preparations, the vehicle can be transported within a standard shipping container.” Bruisertech Pty (Ltd) said.

Bruiser 112 is capable of carrying a crew of 12 (2 up front and 10 in the back) with a wheelbase of 3,500mm and a ground clearance of 365mm makes Bruiser a combat vehicle that stands out from the crowd. The Kerb weight of 8,500kg and an outstanding payload of 4,500kg, makes the Bruiser 112 a vehicle not to be messed with.

As a result of its design philosophy, the Bruiser 112 APC was designed to avoid high-tech electronics which require specialised servicing and repairs, incorporating a highly modular design to accommodate many upgradable features and functions to allow for a total custom build solution.

Features of the Bruiser 112 APC

Capability of the Bruiser 112 APC


As a modular design, the Bruiser 112 APC can accommodates various upgradable features and functions to allow for a total custom build solution. Variants include, but are not limited to:

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