Nigerian Army receives five Improved Proforce Ara (Ara II)

Proforce Ara 2 mrap

Proforce Ara 2 mrap

Proforce Nigeria has delivered five improved Proforce Ara (Ara II) mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles to the Nigerian Army. The five improved Ara (Ara II) are now operating in the northeast Nigeria, supporting the fight against Boko Haram, an Islamic terror group.

The Improved Ara (Ara II) is a heavily modified derivative of the original Ara (Thunder), Limited launched the PF Ara 2 MRAP in 2019. Eight of which were delivered to the Nigerian Army in 2018 out of an order of 30. Proforce Nigeria disclosed that the Ara II offers significant enhancements, most notably a fully monocoque hull.

The PF Ara 2 is a monocoque vehicle built to STANAG level 4569 protection standards with double skin protection of Level 3A and 3B, and an underbelly of 4A and 4B. This protection level ensures an underbelly with a V-shaped hull design that can withstand a 10 kg mine.

The higher ground clearance of 442 mm and the central tire inflation system enhances the vehicle’s off-road capabilities and can take this vehicle to urban, mountainous and challenging rural terrains, Proforce said.

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