Silent Sentinel to provide threat detection platforms to Egypt

Silent Sentinel to supply Surveillance equipment to egypt

Silent Sentinel the surveillance system and threat detection specialist based in the United States, and Hertfordshire UK has signed a contract with Egypt to supply multiple threat detection systems to the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

Once delivered, these systems will allow the MFO, an international peacekeeping force, to passively monitor the area and provide security to key assets and national infrastructure in the region.

The mission of the MFO is to supervise the implementation of the security provisions of the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty of Peace and employ best efforts to prevent any violation of its terms.

Silent Sentinel Inc. was selected for the contract due to their outstanding reputation in delivering high-end, rugged and adaptable surveillance and threat-detection systems offering the very best capabilities to its clients.

These platforms will also be equipped with NexOS, an innovative software-defined operating system developed by Silent Sentinel Inc. that will power the provided systems, and any additional add-ons, with the primary objective of delivering superior performance, flexibility and sustainability to the end user.

The announcement of this order comes as the Silent Sentinel Inc. team attend Border Security Expo, in El Paso, Texas between 10th and 11th May, where they are set to display their newest pan-tilt platform, the Jaeger Mk3, which has a greater power capacity and is capable of carrying double the weight compared with previous PTU’s.

Ryan Workman, Sales Director at Silent Sentinel Inc., said “This new order with Egypt is yet another step in the global footprint expansion of Silent Sentinel Inc. The platforms we will be delivering to the MFO will be vital assets to the force, providing vital security and aiding in the monitoring of key infrastructure”.

A similar contract was awarded in 2017, where after a successful demonstration in Cairo, Silent Sentinel secured a significant order to provide radar-based surveillance platforms for a major Egyptian Airport.

Likewise, Silent Sentinel has done business with African forces before, such as in 2021 when the counter-UAV and surveillance specialist signed a contract with another Counter-UAS solution provider SKYLOCK to provide Jaegar Ranger 225 uncooled LWIR, and Jaegar Searcher 700 cooled MWIR thermal camera platforms to Zambia.

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