Senegal acquires Norinco CS/VN-3C 4×4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Senegal acquires Norinco CS/VN-3C 4x4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Two Norinco CS/VN-3C 4x4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle seen during the country's recent Independence parade

The Senegalese Army has acquired the Norinco CS/VN-3C 4×4 Wheeled Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicles. This acquisition is a significant move towards modernizing the Senegalese military and improving their operational capabilities.

The business was supervised by businessman Thierno Ba, a close friend to Senegalese President Macky Sall. At least a dozen vehicles were procured.

Last year, the Senegalese military launched an offensive operation against fighters allied to the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance, a separatist group in the southern region of the country.

“This operation also aims to destroy all armed bands participating in criminal activities in the region,” the Senegalese Chief of staff said in a statement.

“The army remains determined to preserve the integrity of the national territory at all costs.”

The Norinco CS/VN3C is a versatile and agile vehicle that can be used in a variety of roles, including reconnaissance, infantry transport, and fire support. It is equipped with a 30mm cannon, a 7.62mm machine gun, and a smoke grenade launcher, providing the Senegalese Army with a formidable fighting vehicle that can hold its own in combat.

The CS/VN3C is designed to be highly maneuverable and can operate in a wide range of terrains, including urban environments, making it an ideal choice for the Senegalese Army’s needs. Additionally, the vehicle’s 4×4 configuration and low profile make it an excellent choice for airborne operations, allowing the Senegalese Army to rapidly deploy their forces wherever they are needed.

This acquisition is a significant step towards enhancing the Senegalese Army’s capabilities, and it will undoubtedly help to bolster their defense capabilities. The CS/VN3C is a well-proven vehicle that has seen extensive use in many different military operations worldwide, making it a reliable and effective choice for the Senegalese Army.

The armoured vehicles is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine at its bow with side-by-side seating for its front operating crew. Hinged, automobile-style doors allow access to the cabin and four such entry points are included in the design complete with vision slots and firing ports. The rear section of the car is modular to be of multi-mission usefulness. Typically additional vision slots and gun ports are featured. The hull roof has access hatches, smoke grenade launchers, and any heavy armament. A typical weapons fit is a single 12.7mm air-cooled Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) though one variant sports a complete powered turret showcasing a 30mm automatic cannon useful against light-armored vehicles (and includes a co-axial 7.62mm anti-infantry machine gun).

The acquisition of the CS/VN3C is also a significant move towards strengthening the relationship between China and Senegal. Norinco, the manufacturer of the CS/VN3C, is a Chinese state-owned company, and this acquisition will help to build closer ties between the two countries.

The acquisition of the Norinco CS/VN3C 4×4 Wheeled Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicles by the Senegalese Army is a significant move towards modernizing their military capabilities. The vehicle’s versatility, agility, and combat capabilities make it an excellent choice for the Senegalese Army’s needs. This acquisition is also an important step towards strengthening the relationship between China and Senegal and will undoubtedly have long-lasting benefits for both countries.

Meanwhile, Senegal’s army has also received a batch of new military hardware, including Puma M36 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) as the country continues to strengthen all branches of its military.

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