Osprea delivers Mamba armoured vehicles to an African country for peacekeeping missions

mamba mk armoured vehicles osprea logistics

Osprea has developed a fully industrialised assembly process for the Mamba Mk5, enabling the vehicle to be built or assembled or even fully manufactured in the client’s country.

United States-based Osprea Logistics has delivered 50 Mamba armoured vehicles to an unnamed African military for use in peacekeeping operations, says South African defenceWeb.

The Mamba armoured vehicles comprise Mk 7s, Mk 7-Xs, and 6×6 Armoured Wreckers. The Mamba Mk7, the latest version of its Mamba Mk5 APC, was built in the USA, with more power, innovative tactical capacities, advanced technology, and upgraded armour protection.

Thousands of Mamba vehicles are in service with military, policing and peacekeeping operations, across Africa and the world, spawning many variants in extensive use by US and NATO forces, such as the RG-31, RG-32 and RG-33.


Several African countries already operate the Mamba armoured vehicles such as Niger which received 57 vehicles in August 2020, and December 2019 for its fight against terrorism, transnational organized crime, and trafficking in the Sahel. 16 Mambas were transferred to the G5 Sahel force from the United States Army’s African Command (AFRICOM) on March 31, 2021.

Likewise, Togo operates over 100 Mamba Mk 7s which it ordered around 2020. Chad also operates the type.

Besides these two West African nations, Kenya, and Uganda, along with all other Troop Contributing Countries have both operated Mambas in Somalia under the AMISOM peacekeeping mission. Kenya received 22 Mk 7s in 2020, while Uganda received 23 in the same year.

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