Egypt interested in MBDA CAMM air defense missile system

The CAMM air defence missile system is an advanced and reliable aerial defence solution that provides unparalleled protection against incoming aerial threats.

camm air defence system

CAMM, the Common Anti-air Modular Missile, is the next generation air defence missile designed for land, sea and air environments. (MBDA)

Egypt’s military is interested in acquiring the CAMM air defense missile system from MBDA

Egypt is actively exploring its options when it comes to modernizing its air defence capabilities. The country is keenly interested in acquiring the MBDA CAMM air defence missile system. This system is a more advanced, modern system that is designed to provide a high degree of protection against incoming threats. It boasts an impressive array of capabilities, including advanced detection and tracking, guidance, and interception capabilities. The system is also capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously, providing Egypt with a formidable defence against any potential threats.

The system is designed to be highly effective in a variety of contexts, including in a static defensive role, as well as in a mobile role. This would allow Egypt to deploy the system quickly and easily in order to protect its airspace from incoming threats. Furthermore, the system’s modular design means that it can be tailored to meet Egypt’s specific needs, ensuring that the country is getting the most out of its investment.


The acquisition of the MBDA CAMM air defence missile system would provide Egypt with a powerful and reliable way of defending against incoming threats. It would enable the country to better protect its citizens, as well as its sovereignty, from any potential attack. With its advanced tracking and guidance systems, as well as its modular design, the system is sure to be an invaluable asset to Egypt’s air defence capabilities.

The CAMM air defence missile system is an advanced and reliable aerial defence solution that provides unparalleled protection against incoming aerial threats. It combines the latest in cutting-edge technology with a robust and dependable system that ensures a high level of accuracy and quick response times. The system is composed of missiles, launchers, and a radar array to detect and track incoming objects.

CAMM missiles are designed to provide maximum impact and destruction of enemy targets. These missiles are equipped with advanced guidance systems that allow them to quickly and accurately home in on their targets, providing superior accuracy over traditional air defence systems. The missiles are also capable of flying at supersonic speeds, allowing for greater coverage and faster reaction times.

The launcher component of the system is designed to rapidly and accurately deploy the missiles. It is equipped with a fire control system that can precisely calculate the launch angle and trajectory of each missile and can be quickly activated and deactivated as needed. This launcher also has the capability to launch multiple missiles simultaneously, providing an extra layer of protection against multiple incoming threats.

The radar array is the backbone of the system and is responsible for detecting, tracking, and identifying incoming threats. It is capable of scanning large areas and can quickly detect even the smallest objects, such as a missile or drone, in a fraction of a second. This array has the ability to work in both day and night conditions and has been tested to ensure it is reliable and accurate in all weather conditions.

Overall, the CAMM air defence missile system is an effective and reliable solution for defending against incoming threats. The combination of advanced missile technology, powerful launchers, and a robust radar array ensures that this system is capable of providing superior protection against any airborne threat.

Over the years, Egypt has successfully strengthened its aerial defence posture through various acquisition programs. In 2017, Egypt took delivery of the Russian-made S-300VM/Antey-2000 Surface to Air missile complex. Egypt will be the official first export customer for the advanced air defence system which can control and defend a large part of the airspace around the Mediterranean which includes a significant part of the Israeli airspace within. This can change the balance of power in the region significantly. The S-300VM can detect, intercept and destroy an incoming enemy aircraft or ballistic missile.

More recently, Egypt signed a contract to purchase seven batteries of the IRIS-T SLM and an additional ten IRIS-T SLX Long-range GBAD system batteries. The IRIS-T SL will significantly boost the Egyptian Air Defense Forces by having a layered and integrated air defence network coverage against any aerial threats within different ranges/altitudes.

However, Germany sent a consignment of IRIS-T surface-to-air defence system initially meant for Egypt to Ukraine to protect critical assets following the Russian invasion of the country. A convoy carrying the IRIS-T system was seen heading in the direction of Ukraine’s capital on 12 October.

Egypt paid for the IRIS-T air defence system in 2019 after Germany’s Bundestag’s Budget Committee gave its approval for an export credit guarantee for six A-200 vessels, thereby clearing a path for the frigate deal to go ahead. The export credit provides guarantees of up to 2.3 billion euros for the transaction.

Furthermore, the United States is supplying Egypt with excess air defence units including the Chaparral air defence system. The deal involves the supply of parts to maintain Egypt’s Chaparral antiaircraft missile units currently deployed along the nation’s border. This will help the Egyptian military maintain its operational capabilities and defend Egypt’s homeland, says a US state official.

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