Togolese army reveals Paramount Mbombe 4 MRAP

Paramount Mbombe 4 armored vehicles in togo

South African-made Paramount Group Mbombe 4 MRAPs seen during a military parade on the 27th of April last year in Lóme, the country’s capital.

The Togolese Armed Forces (Forces Armées Togolaises, FAT) armored capability has been reinforced with Mbombe 4 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles from Paramount Group.

Pictures of the South African-made vehicles were seen during a military parade on the 27th of April last year in Lóme, the country’s capital.

Paramount Group 2019 signed a contract to provide Togo with 20 Mbombe 4 armored vehicles under a rearmament plan that saw French Arquus and another South African company Osprea competing for the contract.


At the time, Paramount Group launched the next generation armored personnel carrier, Mbombe 4 at the United Arab Emirates at IDEX 2019, the largest defense and security Expo in the Middle East. Founder and Executive Chairman of Paramount Group Ivor Ichikowitz disclosed that Paramount had secured its first customer during the IDEX 2019.

The Mbombe 4 offers very high levels of ballistic and mine protection (e.g. crew compartment STANAG 4569-Level 3, blast protection STANAG 4569-Level 4a & 4b) and protection against a 50kg TNT side blast or IED/roadside bomb. Its applique armour packages can provide higher levels of ballistic protection (up to level 4) and mine protection as required by the customer.

Since 2019, Paramount’s Mbombe 4 infantry combat vehicle (ICV) has accumulated orders from the armed forces of five countries, amounting to more than 150 vehicles.

Paramount Group said that the Mbombe 4 is presently in production in Africa and Asia, with more than 150 vehicles either being manufactured or on order for global delivery or deployment.

Around the same period, Togo placed an order for twenty South African-made Paramount Marauder armoured vehicles, for use in Mali under the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA).

This is to replace those lost by the country in the peacekeeping operations.

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