Russia displays upgraded helicopter capabilities at HeliRussia 2022

Helirussia 2022

Visitors to the company’s booth had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Mi-35M transport/attack helicopter, Mi-17V-5, Ka-32A11M, Ka-226T and Ansat military transport and utility helicopters.

Russia’s Rosoboronexport JSC which is part of Rostec State Corporation treated hundreds of visitors with the display of unmatched helicopter capabilities at the 15th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition (HeliRussia 2022), held from May 19 to 21, 2022 at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow.

Rosoboronexport displayed a vast array of helicopters including the Ka-52 scout/attack helicopter, upgraded versions of the Mi-28NE attack and Mi-171Sh military transport helicopters, as well as the Mi-38T transport/assault helicopter.

Visitors at the event were given the opportunity to come in close contact with the Mi-35M transport/attack helicopter, Mi-17V-5, Ka-32A11M, Ka-226T and Ansat military transport and utility helicopters, which are very popular around the world.


In fact, Russia’s entire range of various helicopters under development and production were put on display at the booths of Russian enterprises, including Russian Helicopters (part of Rostec State Corporation), one of the world’s leading helicopter-building holding companies.

Also displayed was a scale model of the The Ka-52 scout/attack helicopter, which is considered even in the West as the best in the class of attack helicopters in terms of its fighting capacity and the range of aircraft weapons used, hover ceiling and rate of climb, maximum weapons load weight and sortie radius, as well as safe and autonomous operation in field conditions.

Thanks to its coaxial rotor configuration, the Ka-52 Black Shark attack helicopter offers unique in-flight performance and maneuverability, allowing it to dominate the battlefield. It is the world’s only helicopter equipped with a catapult crew rescue system.

Another helicopter displayed is the upgraded Mi-28NE attack helicopter which is fitted with the latest guided missile systems and data link equipment for interoperability with unmanned aerial vehicles, thus enhancing its capabilities against enemy targets covered by air defenses. The Mi-28NE helicopter has an increased flight speed and a higher service ceiling.

According to Russian Helicopters, the Ka-52 and Mi-28NE are equipped with a state-of-the-art defensive aids system, which automatically protects them against infrared guided missiles, thereby greatly increasing their survivability in combat conditions.

The main advantages of the Mi-38T transport/assault helicopter over the helicopters of its class available on the world market are extended flight range, payload capacity and cargo cabin volume. This helicopter can more effectively carry out troop transport and special roles (search-and-rescue, medical evacuation, VIP transportation).

Last year’s edition of HeliRussia saw the participation of more than 50 countries.

Russia is ready to hold presentations of the items exhibited, including the involvement of their developers and manufacturers. The Russian special exporter is also open to discussing end item delivery and industrial partnership issues in any mutually beneficial formats.

Interested representatives of foreign customers can get detailed specifications and operational features of Russian helicopters at the Rosoboronexport booth.

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