Defence companies in Nigeria – a view of the industry

defence companies in nigeria

Defence companies in nigeria

Defence companies in Nigeria; The defense industry in Nigeria is a strategic and economic asset, and from a socio-economic point of view, the industry contributes significantly to sustaining the military capabilities of the state.

Nigeria’s domestic defense industry is relatively new and growing rapidly, and over time, the Defence companies in Nigeria will contributes to research, development, employment, and export revenue.

According to Grey Dynamics – an intelligence and security analysis firm, Nigeria is currently the largest importer of military equipment in sub-Saharan Africa.

Today, defence companies in Nigeria are producing small arms, light weapons and other infantry systems, and is already making intra-regional military equipment sales.

Although, Nigeria currently lags behind other comparable countries in self-sufficiency in indigenous weapons production for instance, South Africa through painstaken efforts and proper political polices has develop a worldclass defense industry. 

South Africa has progressed from manufacturing of mere ammunition to combat helicopters,armored vehiclesLight combat aircraft even more advanced technology like nuclear weapons.

Considering today’s geopolitical and security climate, Nigeria will do well to support and sustain its indigenous Defence companies in Nigeria, particularly in the face of global uncertainty of the post-covid restrictions.

First of all, nations that rely on foreign suppliers at the end of the day pay a steep price because they’ll likely be subjected to the “spare parts diplomacy” if they fail to follow the political playbook of their supplier. Hence, the importance of the existence of the Defence companies in Nigeria.

Secondly, in the political arena, to be considered a sovereign country, a state requires several defined fundamental elements including territory, population, and legal recognition.

The Rise of the Nigerian Defence Industry (PART 1)

Without the means and competence to uphold these essential elements, a state is considered nonexistent in the comity of nations.

Besides that, irrespective of the potential threat indices, psychologically, every citizen expects complete protection and security guarantee from the state via its established defence and military institutions.

The Institute for Economics and Peace ‘Global Peace Index 2021: Measuring Peace in a Complex World, Sydney, June 2021 report reveals that Nigeria lost $40 billion in 2020 to insecurity — Unknown gunmen, robberies and theft, and others. 

A capable military or Defence companies in Nigeria will provide a sense of security and stability, which fosters economic growth and national development.

Countries that rely on foreign suppliers are dependent on the seller for spares, technical support, and ammunition. Such countries are vulnerable especially when international restrictions are placed on the armaments trade in times of crisis.

The primary objective of the Defence companies in Nigeria is to export military hardware to international clients. Nigeria has shown a desire for increased domestic manufacturing to lessen reliance on importation.

Nigeria’s ongoing military modernization is due to its continuing battle against BH. Therefore, defence companies in Nigeria will continue to rely on the military to procure their products in the nearest future.

More so, with modern security threats being faced by states are non-state and sub-state actors like insurgents, secessionists, and bandits; – if Nigeria had access to affordable and effective military equipment, the decisive military advantage will be achieved through superior employment thereof. Therefore, the defence companies in Nigeria are essential to national survival.

Nigeria’s premier defense company DICON which according to its website, was established by an Act of Parliament in 1964. Fritz Werner was assigned the task of providing technical expertise and set up the Ordnance Factory in Kaduna.

In 2004, DICON successfully produced prototype medium range weapons namely 60mm mortar, 81mm mortar and the RPG-7. The weapons were successfully test-fired at the Kachia range with the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in attendance.

Nigeria’s DICON is currently in Technical Partnership with Poly-Technologies of China. Furthermore, in March 2018, DICON signed a letter of intent to the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) for the production and technology transfer of Beryl M762 assault rifles in Nigeria.

Ezugwu MRAP was designed and developed by Nigeria’s DICON in collaboration with Command Engineering Depot (CED), Nigeria to replace obsolete combat vehicles in the Nigerian Army’s inventory.

Defence Solution Provider Proforce is a specialized manufacturer of armoured vehicles in Nigeria and supplies a wide spectrum of defence solutions since 2008.

Profore Viper 4×4 tactical armored vehicle.

Another MRAP made by Proforce Nigeria LTD named ARA (Thunder) was unveiled in August 2017, the Nigerian-made MRAP was even featured in AAD 2016 in a record-breaking development.

New into the defence scene, Kifta Technologies boasts different UAS systems, including firefighting UAS, Naval UAS, Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), and the regular UAS that is not deployed over a body of water. 

A comprehensive list of military equipment Nigeria now produce can be found in this report.

According to the former Nigerian Army Chief of Army Staff Tukur Yusuf Buratai, he noted that the protracted war to defeat the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists exposes the flaw in lacking a viable indigenous defense industrial complex.

A list of defence companies in Nigeria

  1. Proforce Nigeria Ltd
  2. Nigachem Nigeria Ltd
  3. Lodoni Company Nigeria LTD
  4. Equipment Protective Applications International Limited – (EPAIL) (Part of MOMAS Group of Companies).
  5. West Atlantic Shipyard (part of Piriou (France))
  6. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing
  7. Badeh Aerospace
  8. BNTI Arms Ltd (part of BNTI Arms LLC)
  9. BNTI Ltd (defence logistics)
  10. BNTI Tactical Ltd
  11. DICON Primer Cap Factory
  12. Nigerian Army Vehicle Manufacturing Company – (NAVMC)
  13. DICON Kaduna Ordnance Factory
  14. DICON Special Vehicle Plant
  15. Nigerian Air Force / UAVision
  16. Mekahog Ltd.
  17. Demfas Aerosystems
  18. Lionstar Technologies
  19. SecPro Nigeria Ltd
  20. Obama Security
  21. NDL Nigeria
  22. Epenal
  23. SeWa
  24. EPAIL
  25. Al marine Nigeria
  26. Kifta Technologies
  28. Armour-Shield
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