Cameroon displays IAG Rila MRAPs during military parade

UAE-made International Armored Group (IAG) Rila map in a parade in Bemenda northwest Cameroon

A UAE-made International Armored Group (IAG) Rila map in a parade in Bemenda northwest Cameroon.

Cameroonian military forces are operating the UAE-made International Armored Group (IAG) Rila mine resistant ambush protected vehicles.

The Rila MRAPs were part of the display for the country’s National Day (also known as Unity Day) held on the 20th of May in Bamenda, Northwest Cameroon.

Cameroon forces are increasingly relying on mine-resistant vehicles as non-state actors within its borders are now turning to the use of improvised explosive devices. Sometimes effectively.

At least 20 of the Rila MRAPs were reported to have been acquired from IAG. Rila 4×4 mine-resistant ambush-protected seats 12 fully equipped infantrymen on military-grade certified blast attenuation seats, in a 4×4 configuration. 

IAG announced that it had received an order from an undisclosed customer for the supply of Rila MRAP vehicles in the second half of 2017. Cameroon may be the likely customer.

The Rila MRAP was first displayed at the Defence and Security Equipment (DSEI) 2017 exhibition held in London in September 2017. It comes with several configurations including military ambulance, riot-control, and cargo transport.

The vehicle offers STANAG 4569 Level IV protection against 7.62mm armour piercing and NATO Ball rounds, as well as 12.7mm armour piercing rounds, 14.5mm rounds and 20mm fragmented simulated projectiles (FSP).

The vehicle can survive a blast of an 8kg anti-tank mine under any wheel. It can also resist the explosion force generated under any wheel by a 10kg AT mine. The ballistic protection can be increased according to the requirements of customers.

Cameroon also displayed several other armored vehicle types from different manufacturers including a pair of Cadillac-Gage V-150 Commandos. Cameroon forces operate many of these.

Also, the Gendarmerie displayed an updated model of the MSPV Panthera T8, also acquired from the UAE. Last two years, the Cameroon took delivery of an unspecified number of the Panthera T6 armoured personnel carriers acquired from Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV).

At least three Saymar Musketeer MLAV spotting remotely operated weapons stations, acquired from Isreal were also paraded. The Saymar Musketeer MLAV were first seen in the country in 2016.

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