Electric Vehicles: A Strategic Advantage for Military Applications

In today’s battlefield, advantages relies on sustainment

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Electric Vehicles for military application are essential for future-proofing strategic advantage. As the world continues to move to a newer, better form of energy generation and consumption, particularly in the area of mobility, focus is now on Electric Propulsion.

Despite several decade-long stints with combustion engines, the automobile industry is now shifting its attention towards electric vehicles. Such a move could likely see an increase in the price of internal combustion engines and their associating parts.

Although still at an early stage of development, and due to the limitations of battery cells, electric vehicles have not gained as much popularity compared with other forms of vehicles. However, that seems to have changed a bit.


Since the beginning of the last decade, several environmental factors, especially the impact of fossil fuel, and the unpredictability of the petroleum sector, has forced militaries to explore opportunities in electric vehicles application.

Moving to a military adoption of electric vehicles early on will deliver future strategic battlefield advantages, reduce burdensome maintenance overhead, and, more importantly, save lives.

Nevertheless, even with the inherent benefits of Electric vehicles, military leaders should understand that as developing technology, some challenges still exist, particularly as battery technology is presently lagging behind comparative technologies and has not really grown and matured as expected.

This issue has negatively impacted electric vehicle ecosystem, in the area of cost of development, weight of vehicles, and operating range limitations.

The most conservative prediction puts electric vehicle technology maturity in about one or two decades. However, the most significant benefit of electric vehicle adoption by militaries is the strategic alterations to battlefield sustainment assets, logistics support, military supply chain, and unmanned vehicles.

Electric Vehicles offers advantages in logistics support and supply chain

In today’s battlefield, advantages relies on sustainment, such as logistics support assets and military supply chain with emphasis on the importance as well as the complex tasks of equipment maintenance, transportation to remote and austere locations.

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