Proforce Defence unveils PF Viper 4×4 tactical mobility vehicle for small combat team

Innovative armored vehicle manufacturer Proforce Defence delivers a new class of tactical mobility vehicles for a small fire team.

The new vehicle PF Viper was unveiled when by the Nigerian Army Chief of Army Staff on Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya, and several delegates visited Proforce facility last week.

The PF Viper tactical mobility vehicle will be powered by a 6.7L V8 330hp diesel engine capable of delivering 3,300 RPM at a speed of 120 kilometers.

Proforce Defence PF Viper 4×4 armoured vehicle

Proforce will fit the new PF Viper with a 6-speed automatic transmission, four-well drive, 7,000 kg curb weight, and a 1500 kilogram of payload. It is 6479 mm in length, 2450 mm in width, and 300 mm in ground clearance.

For troops protection, the PF Viper offers a 360-degree stanag 4569 Level I ballistic and blast protection. The vehicle can carry nine passengers, including a driver and a commander. The crew compartment is protected with up to CEN Level BR6 to BR7 armor.

Proforce Defence PF Viper 4×4 armoured vehicle

Overall, the PF Viper appears to be a smaller version of the now combat-proven ARA (Thunder) mine-resistance and ambush-protected vehicle, successfully exported to Nigeria and Chad.

According to information gotten by Military Africa, the PF Viper tactical vehicle is optimized for special forces operations. It can be deployed for various tactical missions in support of the military, counter-terrorism, and police duties.
With its impressive power, handling, and off-road capabilities, the PF Viper can cope with challenging terrains.

Proforce Defence announced that the Nigerian Army through its investment arm, Nigerian Army Welfare Limited by Guarantee NAWLG, acquired a 15% shareholding of Proforce Limited.

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