Egypt inaugurates new naval base near Libyan border

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has inaugurated a new naval Base called ‘3rd of July Military Base’, located in the Mediterranean near the Egyptian-Libyan border of Gargoub district.

The 3rd of July Military Base’ is located in Al-Nujaila town, some 70 km west of Marsa Matrouh, roughly 250 kilometers (155 miles) from the Libyam border.

A Facebook video posted by the Egyptian Military explains that the base represents “an integrated military scope that forms a launching base to protect the capabilities of the Egyptian nation along the northern and western strategic directions,”


The construction of such bases comes within the framework of the comprehensive development plan for the Egyptian Navy.

These bases represent launching centres to provide logistical support to Egyptian forces in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea to confront the challenges and threats in the region, including protecting Egyptian economic interests and securing global shipping lines as part of Egypt’s role in protecting navigation security in the eastern and southeastern Mediterranean.

With the launch of the new naval Base, Egypt is protecting itself against unrest in the neighboring Libya, assert its control over its maritime boundaries and safeguard its economic interests.

The base will be part of the Egyptian Navy’s Northern Fleet that protects the country’s Mediterranean coast.

“The area where the Northern Fleet operates is full of security challenges, especially in light of developments in Libya,” retired Egyptian navy Adm. Mohamed Mitwali told Al-Monitor. “The fleet is well equipped to counter these challenges and defend national economic interests in the same area.”

The 3rd of July naval Base will house a wide range of naval equipment, including one of the two Mistral helicopter carriers Egypt acquired from France in 2016.

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