Zambia receives Silent Sentinel’s Jaegar C-UAS

Uk-based counter drone specialist Silent Sentinel has signed a contract with Counter-UAS solution provider SKYLOCK to provide Jaegar Ranger 225 uncooled LWIR, and Jaegar Searcher 700 cooled MWIR thermal camera platforms to Zambia.

British Silent Sentinel announced on 19 May that its Jaegar Ranger 225 uncooled long-wave IR and Jaegar Searcher 700 cooled mid-wave IR thermal cameras will be integrated with a C-UAS system for the East African government, with a delivery time of six weeks to meet an ‘unprecedented’ UOR, and under a contract between the company and Israeli C-UAS specialist Skylock.


SKYLOCK is part of the Israeli Avnon Group. The Jaegar thermal imaging cameras will be installed on vehicles with a radar system and C-UAS software. The combination are well suited to drone detection missions.

The Jaegar Pan and Tilt unit (PTU) will form part of both systems. A unique through-shaft arrangement allows a radar to be installed above the PTU, enabling 360° continuous rotation, ideal for drone detection and tracking applications.

The radar will be supplied by Observation Without Limits and MyDefence, a subsidiary of SKYLOCK is providing the C-UAS software.

The Jaegar has a rapid release mechanism that allows for a range of interchangeable payloads to be mounted on the PTU making the platform extremely modular. The Jaegar is IP67-rated meaning that its ruggedized housing will ensure high performance even in the harsh conditions of East Africa.

Suitable for mobile and vehicle-mounted applications, the Jaegar’s through-shaft allows the camera to continuously rotate through 360°, offering effective long-range detection of small aerial targets whilst the vehicle is travelling over rough terrain.

Silent Sentinel was able to perform rigorous Factory Acceptance Tests remotely and will deliver the system less than six weeks after it was ordered, meeting the immediate needs of the customer rapidly and efficiently and demonstrating their ability to respond to exceptional orders.

James Longcroft, Sales Director at Silent Sentinel said: “This contract represents an opportunity to showcase the durability and accuracy of the Jaegar camera in Counter-UAS operations, as well as the agility and efficiency of Silent Sentinel in delivering the system despite such an unusually quick turnaround. This vehicle-mounted C-UAS solution is indicative of Silent Sentinel’s position as a supplier of versatile threat detection in a broad range of climates and conditions.”

Ofer Kashan, CTO of SKYLOCK said: “This first phase of delivery required an agile supplier with the ability to provide versatile and durable equipment within a short timeframe, and we are pleased to announce this partnership with Silent Sentinel, whose high-performance systems will operate seamlessly alongside our Counter-UAS expertise to meet the unique needs of our customer in this harsh environment.”

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