Tunisia extends MINUSMA deployment

The Tunisian Parliament has approved the extension of its military aviation deployment in Mali.

Members of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), voted early last month to extend the deployment of a military aviation unit in Mali and to send a helicopter unit to the Central African Republic (CAR) under United Nations.

113 MPs voted for, while 1 MP voted against and 5 abstained for the extension of the mission.

Personnel of Tunisia’s Air Transport Unit in MINUSMA (Tunisian MOD)

last year November, Speakers of the Tunisian Parliament today approved the decision to send Tunisian troops to the Central African Republic. Tunisia will contribute to the UN mission three helicopters, and 120 troops (including pilots and technicians) and a team of Special Forces.

While the Malian Quick Reaction Force is made of around 750 Tunisian special operations troops deployed to Mali as part of Tunisia’s contribution to the UN mission. The contingent is supported by a C-130H Hercules transport aircraft.

The QRF unit is in charge of security and escorting of movements, aerial reconnaissance and medical evacuation within the framework of missions assigned to MINUSCA.

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