MSPV Panthera T4 armoured vehicles now in Madagascar

The military force of Madagascar is now equipped with MSPV panthera T4 armoured vehicles, as seen for the first time during the country’s 60th Independence anniversary held in the capital Antananarivo on 26 June.

At least six Panthera T4 vehicles were seen during the parade, also they were later observed patrolling the capital city with the detachments from the army’s Motorized Infantry Battalion, Light Reconnaissance Battalion, and Armoured Support Battalion, raising awareness for the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Panthera T4 is built on a Toyota Land Cruiser series 79 chassis and features CEN1063 BR7/FB7 or STANAG 4569 Level II protection. It can be powered by a 4.5 litre V8 diesel, 4.2 litre six cylinder diesel or 4 litre V6 petrol engine. According to United Arab Emirates-based Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV).

Also, the armoured cabin can accommodate a driver and three passengers. A rear bed can seat additional dismounts or cargo. Side-mounted armoured panels provide limited protection for the load bed.

MSPV has also exported the Panthera T6 armoured vehicle to Cameroon. The T6 are being operated by the country’s elite forces, the BIR (Rapid Intervention Battalion).

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