US approves Cameroon’s Island class patrol boat request

cameroon island class patrol boats

Two 110-foot Island class patrol boats requested by the Cameroon Navy from the US excess defence article has been approved for delivery.

Cameroon made plans to procure the vessels in January this year, to enhance its maritime capabilities, according to a statement from the United States Embassy in Yaounde. The request was approve earlier this week by the , the total acquisition cost is reported to be $40,507,844.

This new 110-foot Island class vessel will complement several Defender class rigid hull boats already in service with the Cameroonian Navy, which was supplied by the United States in 2017 to enhance its maritime patrols. The vessels are equipped with advanced electronics and navigation equipment and are used in support various security missions including migrant interdiction, drug interdiction, defense operations, fisheries Enforcement, and search and rescue missions.

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