Egyptian military now flying Mi-24 ‘Hind’ helicopter

Egypt is now operating an unknown number of the Soviet built Mi-24 ‘Hind’ assault helicopter, according to video footage released on 13 January by the country’s Ministry of Defence.

A video showed two of the helicopters with the EAF markings taking part in the Qadir 2020 exercises and flying alongside Egyptian Sea King, AH-64 and Ka-52helicopters.

Although, there was no official sale of the Mi-24 to Egypt was ever published, however, the country was linked in 2014 to a prospective sale of the Mi-35 which did not materialise.

In late 2019, satellite images showing the helicopters at Burg El-Arab airport near Alexandria.

So far, the Egyptian military now fields three heavy attack helicopters including the Mi-24 ‘Hind’, Ka-52 ‘Black Shark’, and AH-64 Apache. The country’s military is also a major operator of Mil helicopters, including approximately 50 Mi-8/Mi-8Ts and armed Mi-17V-5.

Part of the video footage shows the U.S. made Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter operating alongside the Russian built Ka-52 ‘Black Shark’ attack helicopter on Egypt’s Mistral class helicopter carrier.

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