Is West Africa Sliding Towards Chaos?

The first fortnight of December 2019 indicate just how tenous the security climate currently is in the Sahel.

On the first of December a church was attacked in the eastern part of Burkina Faso. The death toll was 14. These numbers include the pastor and 2 children. The location of this incident shows that in Burkina Faso the Jihadist Movement is gaining traction.

Eleven Days later a Military Installation in Niger was attacked by Islamist Gunmen. The number of fatalities vary between 60 and 71. It is worth noting that the location of this installation is in the Western Part of the Country near the border with Mali.

Speaking of Mali, there is a potentially dangerous dynamic that is emerging. Last month 15 French Troops operating in the Country were killed in a Helicopter Crash. This led to the Malian President flying to Paris to offer his condolences to the dead troops. However within the Malian Population reports are emerging that they are growing resentful of the French Presence on Malian Soil.

Also in recent days the Commander of the UN Forces in Kidal was declared Persona Non Grata for his comments about the current leadership in Bamako.

Clearly the people of Mali feel that the efforts of both France and the UN Mission in Country are not providing adequate assistance. They want other options to help the country move forward from the collapse of 2012. One of those options include reaching out to the United States. Ponder that for a second.

Meanwhile other states in the region are growing nervous over events to their immediate north. Earlier this week it was revealed that the Ivorian Army was increasing patrols near the borders with both Mali and Burkina Faso. The goal is to prevent the Militants from moving any further South. Also earlier this year, the President of Togo told the Financial Times (UK) in an interview that the Islamic State was already in His Country.

The actions of the Ivorian Army most likely will be taken by the Military Forces of Ghana, Togo and Benin as well. A thought that will make people shudder is what would happen if they decide to shift to the east to link up with their Comrades operating in the Lake Chad Basin?

Then the Chaos will really begin and most likely be to late to intervene and defeat.

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