Egypt acquire Russian 3D early warning surveillance radar

The Egyptian Armed Forces has begin receiving a new advanced 3D early warning surveillance radar called 59N6E Protivnik-GE 3D from Russia. This new addition was spotted in a massive military parade in the country’s capital. Not much else is known about this latest acquisition.

Egyptian Military recently took delivery of some S-300 advance Surface to Air missile defence system earlier this year also from Russia. This two acquisition might indicate some efforts to modernize and strengthen the air defence surveillance posture of the country. 

Satellite view of the 59N6E Protivnik-GE 3D Air defence radar nest

Like the S-300 radar system, the 59N6E Protivnik-GE can be used to track aerial targets in the medium-to-high altitude area. It is optimized to detect targets with small radar cross-sections such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Ballistic and cruise missiles and stealthy aircraft. It is fitted with a dedicated communication link to transfer data to command posts and other allied platforms while being resistant to heavy counter-measures (Jamming).

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